Month: November 2011

There are lots of questions raised recently regarding activation of cath. labĀ  in the setting of new LBBB or presumed new LBBB. It is really challenging when you have a patient with chest pain and there is no old EKG to compare findings of LBBB.


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Is a lumbar puncture necessary when evaluating febrile infants (30 to 90 days of age) with an abnormal urinalysis?
There is a new study in Peds Emergency care which it describes a retrospective study among infants 1 month to 3 months old

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This is my case report with Keith Boniface on cardiac angio-sarcoma: Incidental Identification of Right Atrial Mass Using Bedside Ultrasound: Cardiac Angiosarcoma  


I had a patient with Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Patient had mental status changes and was unresponsive.We transferred patient to a hyperbaric center and this is the review that I did with my resident and student for Carbon Monoxide poisoning, mainly from Tintinalli’s:

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Identification of children at very low risk of clinically-important brain injuries after head trauma: a prospective cohort study. The goal of study was to identify children at very low risk of clinically-important traumatic brain injuries (ciTBI) for whom CT might be unnecessary.

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