Month: October 2012

JACC in 2001 published an article that nicely explained the necessity of interpreting lead aVR in clinical setting. There are 3 categorizes that we should consider in this regard:1. acute…

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What does typical chest pain mean? Traditionally, we thought that midsternal chest pain with radiation to left arm and increased with exertion, we just had another discussion on this topic on our grand round and all the studies and even

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That is the question: contrast CT or non contrast CT?   it is very difficult sometimes to answer, but for some facts such as r/o of appy, divericulitis and other pathologies, why…

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TIA is a huge dilemma in ED. It could be challenging from definition to workup to disposition, but recent article in clinics of north America, reviewed the pitfalls in diagnosis and disposition of patients with TIA. TIA is important because there is a chance of Stroke within 48 hours (5%).

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