Month: September 2014

Very nice mnemonic for Cavity lesion DDx in cxray: Cavity, C: Cancer or Mets, A: autoimmune; granulomas from,¬†V: vascular (both bland and septic pulmonary embolus), I: infection(TB, fungall), T: trama…

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We are very familiar with the term of Angioedema. Mostly comes from ACE-In but has a large ddx from NSAIDS to hereditary to idiopathic. There is an article in Academic EM that is discussing the treatment options for Angioedema.

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I was giving lecture regarding this topic and some challenging concepts in SCC including  IV therapy, oxygen therapy, blood transfusion, and always could not give a comprehensive reference to back myself up.

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Morphine can affect functionality of Clopidogrel. There is an article in JACC, March 2014, that showed “Morphine delays clopidogrel absorption, decreases plasma levels of clopidogrel active metabolite, and retards and diminishes its effects,

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Alpha blocker (Tamsulosin , Flomax) originally is used for medical treatment of BPH. There are growing concerns that alpha blocker can be used in treatment of ureteral stone due to same affect on bladder and prostate, relaxation of muscle fiber. The recent Cochrane

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