Month: April 2015

You can find in this blog at least 6 references talking about Contrast vs Non contrast CT, but this new study in Annals of EM showed the same result that oral contrast in detecting intra-abdominal pathologies is useless. Wow, this is a big word. USELESS.

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SIRS criteria an immune response to infection can be diagnosed by ( 96.8<Temp>100.4, HR>90, RR>20 and 4K<WBC>12k). A new study  in 172 ICUs among 109,663 patients with infection and

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Surviving Sepsis Campaign updated its guideline regarding new evidence (ProCESS, ARISE, ProMIS). It is required to do a series of actions within first 3 hours and 6 hours of patient presentation(time of triage):

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