EKG differentiation of early Repol vs STEMI

Cardiology PGY3 PGY4

Annals of Emergency Medicine published an article which it provided a formula to determine if we can differentiate between STEMI vs Early Repolarization. I really do not know in an acute setting I am able to sit down and calculate this but sometimes in terms of training it could be fun to do this practice!!!


([1.196 x ST-segment elevation 60 ms after the J point in lead V3 in mm]+[0.059 x QTc in ms]–[0.326 x R-wave amplitude in lead V4 in mm])=

if this is > 23.4 predicted STEMI

if < or = 23.4, it predicted early repolarization i

with overall sensitivity 86% and specificity of 91%

Annals of EM