Cardiac Arrest Survival Is Rare without Prehospital Return of Spontaneous Circulation

Cardiac arrest PGY3 PGY4

Wow. This is the third one, after 2 articles that showed Epi in prehospital really does not decrease mortality , now this retrospective study presenteddata that none of patients with asystole and no ROSC in field survived to hospital discharge. 2483 patients evaluated. Overall survival to discharge was 6.6 %. among all patients 36 % had ROSC in field. Survival with field ROSC 17%, and without field ROSC 0.69% (11 of 1,589). Of the 11 survivors transported prior to field ROSC, nine received defibrillation by EMS. No asystolic patient survived to hospital discharge without field ROSC.
Conclusion:  Survival to hospital discharge after OHCA is rare without field ROSC. Resuscitation efforts should focus on achieving field ROSC.

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