New Drug for ACE-Inhibitor–Induced Angioedema!

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NEJM published new treatment for ACEI-induced Angioedema. This study funded by Shire (a Biopharmaceuticals Company) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany. Icatibant with generic name of FIRAZYR was administrated to 27 patients with ACEI angioedema in the setting of double blind, randomised phase 2 study. As we know the usual treatment of allergic reaction with Steroid and H1, H2 blocker were not promising in ACEI induced angioedema due to different mechanism of histamine-mediated reaction! But what else an ED physician can do when there is a patient with swollen face and airway compromise except early airway intervention! The primary outcome was  the time to the complete resolution of edema after administration of Icatibant. The time for Icatibant was 8.0 hours compare with 27.1 hours in receiving standard therapy. This drug is not currently licensed for this indication per article.