Are we done with CT/LP to rule out SAH?

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The BMJ study was a shocking news in 2011 regarding Sensitivity of Modern CT scan in diagnosis of SAH within 6 hours of presentation, Click here for more Then, Storke in 2012 reported another study that showed there is “no added value of CSF analysis to detect SAH within 6 hours of patient presentation with headache”. click here for more
Neurology reported 4 days ago another study in non-academic hospitals with same setting of patient presentation within 6 hours of symptoms onset. Negative predictive value for detection of subarachnoid blood by staff radiologists working in a nonacademic hospital was 99.9% (95% confidence interval 99.3%-100.0%). Is this something that we can officially close the case? and practice safe and do not harm patient with suspicious SAH/LP/Post LP headache!