Stroke, ED is the best Place to Go!

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Recent post in NY Times,  Stroke of Fate , offended many ED physicians. I was not! It was very simple to me. A 78 years old neurologist said “I’m afraid to go to the emergency room,” he added. “I think it’s dangerous.” I agree that this is not a good comment for general population to make patients be afraid to go to “ED” but the JAMA publication in May 2015 showed that ED is a good place to detect Stroke patients early!

Care and Outcomes of Patients With In-Hospital Stroke. 973 patients with in-hospital stroke and 28 837 with community-onset stroke. Those with in-hospital stroke had a longer median length of stay following stroke onset (17 vs 8 days; P < .001) also longer time from stroke recognition to administration of thrombolysis (median, 2.0 vs 1.2 hours; P < .001.

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