Volume Status in Septic Shock

PGY3 PGY4 Sepsis

How do we measure the fluid status in a patient with shock? This usually measures with CVP or Ultrasound.  CVP measurement is possible when we have a  central line(subclavian or intra-jugular). Ultrasound brought a quick assessment of volume status or fluid assessment. while we are looking at IVC, if IVC collapses during inspiration , Tank is empty and patient needs fluid, if tank is full, and IVC does not collapse , patient needs pressor. These methods are not 100 % reliable, but DR. DeBlieux introduced another method to check fluid assessment in septic patient. If raising the legs of a supine patient who has an arterial line increases pulse pressure 12%-15% , this patient needs fluid bolus. Please visit that following link for more info by DR. DeBlieux.

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